4 Best International Ecommerce Platforms to Keep in Mind

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4 Best International Ecommerce Platforms to Keep in Mind

Successfully going global is possible with the right ecommerce platform. Here are 4 best international ecommerce platforms to keep in mind!

 Retailers are always looking to expand – expand the reach of their marketing strategy, expand the product catalog, expand across different sales channels, and etc. If you are planning an expansion as well, you know that there is no bigger project than going internationally.

Successfully going global is possible if you have the right resources (product, software, market) and the right ecommerce platform.

International sellers require more from their ecommerce platforms than domestically-based sellers do. You will need an ecommerce platform that can display your website in multiple currencies and languages. Also, you will need to be able to handle various shipping solutions and complicated taxes. Your ecommerce platform should come with these functionalities already built in or integrate with different extensions.

In this article, we will present to you the 4 best international ecommerce platforms:

  1. PrestaShop – This is an open-source ecommerce solution highly customizable, with loads of different add-ons. It comes with a great feature set already built in. With this platform, you can set currencies and automate exchange rates, you can count on an international forum, there is a multi-language product sheet, a translation product feature, and international add-ons.
  2. WooCommerce – This is one of the most widely used ecommerce solutions on the market. This open-source solution plugs directly into WordPress, it is scalable and highly customizable. It is a perfect choice for international sellers. Some of the international selling features that this ecommerce platform offers are calculated taxes features (you can set tax rates for the regions and countries in which you sell your items), supports international transactions, and WooCommerce translation project.
  3. Magento – As a popular open-source software solution, Magento comes with similar features to WooCommerce and PrestaShop. It offers a robust feature set and has an international user community. It is a great solution for retailers who are looking to expand internationally. The international forum is a community of 150.000 developers from all over the world. There are also extensions for international currencies, payment gateways, and shipping carriers.
  4. Shopify – This is probably one of the best international ecommerce platforms on the market. If you can’t handle the technical obstacles of the open-source platforms and you still want to take an international approach, Shopify is definitely the perfect platform for you. Shopify can offer you a multilingual checkout, non-US taxes (you can set up tax rates for other countries), and numerous payment gateways.

We hope one of these international ecommerce platforms will pique your interest. Good luck!

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